Monday, February 18, 2013

Pattern pattern everywhere

I've been instagramming a lot of pattern recently. I love seeing pattern in the most ordinary things, that's usually where my inspiration comes from. The top image ended up in my new print PlayBlocks. And the heart was from my valentine film for the ecourse I'm doing.


  1. Lovely patterns - esp. the envelope at the top - took me a while to realise it was made from numbers. Just hopped over to the e-course site and wow, you are super busy! Are you sure there's just one of you?! Which reminds me I must go and do my new list for it's a list thing!

    1. funnily enough bpc it's a list thing is the one thing that has suffered this month, no feb list! so yes, do send us your jan one. and we'll try and get it together for march ;-)

  2. Lovely patterns. Especially the numbers one. I can't help but see patterns everywhere, too.

  3. Good to see I am not the only one who is slightly obsessed with the insides of envelopes!

  4. Me too :) These are great. Kx

  5. These are so cool. I would never think to look in such everyday places for ideas. This will teach me to keep my eyes a bit more open!

  6. I always think how pretty the patters are in envelopes. Often the worst mail (bills!) come in the prettiest envelopes :) x


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