Monday, February 04, 2013

Valentine's cards ahoy!

You may have noticed the little Valentine button at the top on my blog over there >>>
If you click it, it will miraculously transport you to the Valentine dept of my etsy shop (4th floor, turn right, past handbags & umbrellas). 

Here are some newbies and some old faves. Chalkboard Valentine was my most-sold item in Jan. People are getting in there early!

Most-sold. Is that a phrase or did I make it up?


  1. Super cute! I should probable try to get a little more romance into me for Valentines day this year, I'm usually hopeless. Kellie xx

  2. Very nice, I hate the usual cards they have in the stores with valentine but with these I think I want to surprise my boyfriend!

  3. top seller i think is the term! x


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