Monday, March 18, 2013

4 - 40

Some pics from the last few days. This weekend we went to a 4th birthday party and a 40th - the first 40th of the year. The next couple of years will be full of them I imagine. I'm the original party pooper (yes that's my official rapping name) so I actually prefer the 4th birthday parties.
Can you believe Gus did not win musical statues?! Look at the focus. He's clearly the only one standing still. Fiiiiix!

Hope you had fun this weekend. xxx


  1. Yes, such a fix!. Someone has clearly bribed the judge! And I know what you mean about being a party pooper, I've got to find a fancy dress costume for a 60th birthday later in the year. I'm not happy about it - seriously, leave that to the kids! x

  2. Oh yes I prefer the kiddo parties too! I am of the 'kitchen skulker' variety of party pooper! Lovely pics, Jo xx

  3. it clearly would have been a case of nepotism if he had won! xx

  4. Ha ha ha ha, hilarious! Get the Musical Statues Ombudsman on it!

  5. He is so in to it! Those eyes!!! It's yours this year? Celebrations!!!


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