Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elle Deco Round-up - April 13 / Ombre trend

Just a couple of lovely tear sheets from April's Elle Deco. Love the tiled floor in the second image. Clever to choose a series of monochrome patterned tiles that work well together instead of one tile repeated.

Paris duplex: Photography by Morten Holtum

Italian factory: Photography by Wichmann + Bendtsen

Sometimes with Elle Deco I get one of those draw dropping moments, and I can often be heard shouting "Are you having a laugh?!" from the other end of the house. Who can forget the droplet terranium for £1,128. Well, I'm marking everything else I find against that, and so far nothing has beaten it, not even these little horse bag charms, the smallest being £240. I could buy a real horse for that!

One of the biggest trends at the mo seems to be Ombre. Where did it come from? There's a nice feature in the shopping pages with some gorgeous home items but I thought it would be nice to see what's happening on etsy ombre-wise. Here are my picks:


  1. Wow! Those tiles are amazing! Loving those green chairs against the grey background too :) I think Ombre is fabulous... did it start with tie dying in the 70s maybe? Nice example of post modernism ;) Kx

  2. Love the tights! Not so sure if they would suit me but I love them anyway! /maria

  3. Yes I laughed at this bag charms too! But I did buy the mag for the lovely houses in it. I now just check it before I buy - one house in particular, the Danish one I think I really loved. Great post and thanks for noting the trends! Jo xx

  4. Gorgeous tiles - I love Elle Deco. Though, as you say, sometimes they live in a different world, financially! Pretty ombre pinwheels - very Springlike. X


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