Monday, March 25, 2013

Off to New York / Society 6

I've recently updated my Society 6, moving towards streamlining my shops. I always thought it was a good idea to have a lot of shops and therefore greater visibility, but recently I've felt there's just too much and it's not completely cohesive. 
I'm happy with Society 6, the quality and customer service, so I've decided to keep it on and update more often.
I love the quality at Envelop but the wholesale order process is a bit of a pain and I've never been happy with their designer payment terms - it can take ages to get paid, so I'm pondering... 
I ordered the PiƱata Party cushion cover from Society 6 and it's really lovely, so I may keep cushion production over there from now on.

I also have some fabric proofs arriving from Spoonflower, so you will be able to buy my new pattern designs as fabric and make your own goddamn cushions! ;-)


We're off to New York for a couple of weeks to create more of this kind of magic :-) so I'll be taking a little blog break, although I'll try and post some pics now and then. Otherwise you can follow me on instagram as effieclicks and on facebook.

My shops are now 'on vacation' but Society 6 is very much open!

See you when I get back. Lots of love blogettes. xxx


  1. I do like playblocks as a cushion, that looks great. Have a wonderful time in the Big Apple! x

  2. Oh have a fantastic trip you lucky things! Very jell.

    Love the look of your designs on the Society 6 site - it's very slick isn't it.


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