Friday, March 22, 2013

What Do Artists Do All Day? - BBC4

Did anyone see this wonderful programme on BBC4 the other night? What Do Artists Do All Day? followed a day in the life of landscape artist Norman Ackroyd. 
Etching is one of my favourite mediums so it was so fascinating to watch his process. I did etching once or twice at art college and I had forgotten how time consuming it is!

Norman Ackroyd was so charming and passionate about his subject matter. It was a beautifully made little film.
Next up is Polly Morgan, a taxidermist. Not sure I want to watch that one. Maybe peeping through my fingers! More info and clips here.

Have a lovely weekend my friends :-)

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  1. This sounds interesting. I love watching artists' work process. But unfortunately, it seems that the programs are available in UK only. :(

    Thanks for sharing anyway. I enjoy reading your posts :)


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