Monday, April 29, 2013

Our weekend, the Light Show, and some general rambling about kids.

There's been not much work and a hell of a lot of sitting in a deckchair going on since the sun came out last week. I wonder when I'll actually want to get back to it. I'm getting orders out of course, blogging, answering emails but nothing new. And I've got plenty of ideas too, lots to be excited about, just can't be bothered right now. I'm just going with it - it's been so long since I've actually sat and done nothing, normally my brain can't do that.

Isi took those last two pics at the Light Show at the Hayward, which we finally made it to. I think the bottom one is when I was starting to feel a bit sick. That green room did something to my head - like being in Ikea too long. And the strobe room - oy!
Apart from that it was amazing, the kids loved it too. How I love the South Bank, it's so perfect for our new endeavour - exploring and enjoying our city like tourists, making sure there is something fun both for us and the kids.
After the Light Show we headed up to the roof garden on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The kids ran around while we sat and chatted and looked at the river. The Roof Garden is such a great project, have a listen to the audio file here.

(For those of you with little kids, 3ish or under, kids that run around loads and you have to keep your eye on 24/7 in case they disappear, run into a road, jump off a roof, I am here to give you hope. Gus has just come out of that stage and life is much, much easier :-)


  1. I just started to write this comment to say how much I want to go to the light show, but your last paragraph has changed that. Really? The stage is over? I have one of those kids, and it's soooo exhausting. I want to ask how you did it, what the magic spell is, or something. But I think what you're saying is that it just takes time. Right? Sigh...

  2. hi lottie! yes i think it's just a stage. i'm sure they are all different. some kids don't leave their parents' side (i've heard - mainly girls i'm guessing!) but gus was one of those crazy ones that i couldn't take my eye off. blink and he'd be out of the school gate and running hell for leather down a main road cracking up laughing, with me chasing behind. since he started nursery last sept he has grown up a bit. he can play in the school playground after school now and i can sit and chat with the other mums without following him around. i know he wouldn't run out of the gate any more. something has clicked. i didn't do anything, no magic spell. just growing up. yikes! (sniff). x

  3. Love that top pic :) Sounds like a great show.
    I'm a bit mojo-lacking at the moment too. All things pass I guess.

  4. I think it's good to make a bit of space. Something will come along to fill it for you, well that's the way it seems to be for me anyway. Just as I think, ooh nothing to do, I can decorate the bathroom, PING, another commission lands in my inbox.

    Good to hear life is getting easier for you, it's so exhausting when they're at that stage. Nelly was a terrible runner-away until about the same age. Isla, the opposite. KLING ON. Both equally frustrating!

  5. Oh, I absolutely looove doing that! Playing tourist is huge fun. : )
    And as for the running away thing, girls definitely do that too. I wonder if it comes down to personality, I had one that did it so much worse than the other. Something I don't miss one jot!


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