Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Illustrators we love - Rebecca Cobb

This is the sweetest book about a good twin and a naughty twin and how there is good in all of us. Yes I well up nearly every time I read the last page. But I'm like that.*

It's written by Richard Curtis (yes that Richard Curtis) but as usual it's the illustrations by Rebecca Cobb that I love the most. 
Rebecca was an illustration graduate and working in a clothes shop when she plucked up the courage to cross the road to the Mabecron Books bookshop, and show her work to the M.D. There's a lesson there for all of us - Go for it!

Here's a promo for The Paper Dolls.

I'd like to get Lunchtime next. Does anyone else worry about their kids getting older and not having the excuse to buy lovely children's books anymore? I do.

*A big girly blouse.


  1. I died and went to Children's Book Heaven when I read Paper Dolls. So utterly perfect to read aloud, and just right for the ages the girls are at the moment. And the illustrations are wonderful.

    Like you, I always have to read the last few paragraphs of certain books (you know who you are Shirley Hughes) through stifled sobs. Not of sadness, but maybe a kind of recognition of the sweet pain of childhood.

    God I'm welling up just thinking about it...

  2. My kids are past the reading out to stage but the simple illustrations in The Tiger Who Came To Tea were always a favourite of mine. My bottom lip used to wobble at the last line, but that was nothing compared to the mess I was in after reading out The Happy Prince.


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