Monday, May 20, 2013

Stop copying me!

My kids often inspire my work. I made Five Four Three Two One for Gussy when he was obsessed with counting backwards on his fingers, Things I Like contains stuff that Isi loved when he was little, and I am a Shape was inspired by their love of Mister Maker. Right now we are in the classic "Stop copying me!" phase, which starts off very lighthearted and ends with them shouting and wrestling.
I made this for fun, but it might be a print at some point.


  1. Love this Fran! I think it'd make a great print. So nice to take inspiration from kids funny/irritating phases, rather than just get would up by it! x

  2. Ha ha, that's right where we're at in our household too. Isla copied Nelly's idea for the Easter show, and proceeded to win first prize. You can imagine how well that went down...

    I love this, should definitely be a print.

  3. Love this! Definitely a lovely print.
    Big love eff xxx


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