Monday, May 13, 2013

Tate Modern Sunday

Yes! I finally made it to the Lichtenstein. I was recently given an Art Fund Pass so I got 50% off the exhibition at the Tate Modern. Flicking through the guide there are so many things I want to visit in London, but it also covers the whole of the UK so it's a brilliant thing to have.

The Lichtenstein was better than I expected because there was lots I'd never seen before. He is so well known for his comic strip period, I never knew there was sculpture, or that he was working right up to his death in 1997. Of course it's pretty amazing to see all the really famous pieces close-up but it was the later work that was the revelation. I saw him with fresh eyes.

My friend Rosie is a Tate member so we went up to the tres posh member's area with a stunning view of St Pauls. Look at London. Isn't she beautiful? :-)

I also managed to only spend £4.99 at the Tate shop on this lovely Sara Gillingham illustrated book, rather than the £130 I would've liked to have spent on the incredibly gorgeous and huge Eames book. Medal please!

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  1. Oh London looks stunning from there. I'm a big Lichtenstein fan but I just haven't had time to come see this exhibition. Great book, those illustrations are so much fun. And well done for only spending a fiver! x


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