Friday, May 10, 2013

Trend alert: Macrame plant hangers

Have you noticed macrame plant hangers are really having a moment? Earrings anyone? ;-)
I like how they can be a tad kitchy, or really modern.

Here's a simple-ish tutorial from Refinery 29 (more photos on their blog). They'd be lovely with succulents, hanging outside in the garden with different coloured string.

Have a super duper weekend everyone. I'm hoping to finally make it to the Lichtenstein, in my classic last minute, catch it before it ends styleee. I shall report back on Monday! x


  1. I do like the macrame, but I think it would annoy me in the house. I'd probably keep bumping my head on it as I'm super clumsy! But I wouldn't mind one outside in the garden. I really like those ones on Etsy with the super chunky beads through them too. x

  2. Macramé is very now, isn't it? Mixed with the neon it's super duper now :)
    Looking forward to hearing your Lichtenstein report. It's on my list for next week too. Kx


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