Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bye-Bye Google Reader / New in - Assemble series

Hello friends! Hope you all had a good weekend. Hold on, it's Tuesday isn't it? School inset day yesterday has thrown me a bit! 

I may be a bit late to the party but did you know Google Reader is being terminated on 1st of July? 
Doesn't affect me reading-wise because I use Bloglovin', but if you use Google Reader to follow your favourite blogs, I wouldn't want my blog to disappear from your life. 

I would definitely recommend Bloglovin' as an alternative. It's well designed, with an easy way to manage all your blogs into groups, like:

fashiony narcissists
not really readworthy but I'm a blog hoarder so I'll read them anyway

And you can easily mark blogs, posts or entire groups as read, if it's all getting too much.

If you would like to import all your favourite blogs into Bloglovin' before Google Reader ceases to exist, sign up and then follow this link.


In other news I have 3 new prints in the etsy shop - Assemble 1, 2 and 3. Named so, as I took apart drawings I made for my Bowls series and re-assembled them, using the negative space, stacking them into new shapes. 

I am running out of space in my Big Cartel, time for a purge I think, then I can pop them in there too. Oh and my new website is up and running here.

 Ta-ta for now. x


  1. They are gorgeous Fran! :) Thanks for the heads-up on Google Reader - I had no idea! You'd think they'd tell us. Anyway, many thanks. Kx

  2. Oh I really like those new prints Fran. Great colours. And I love how you've divided up Bloglovin' into categories, I didn't know you could do that. But then I did a double take and wondered what the hell category you've put my blog in - hahaha!

    1. you are in a blogfriends/readworthy venn diagram jen, just so you know :-)

  3. I've never got to grips with blog readers... i just read 'em as they come to the top of my sidebar. But that does mean I miss out if I haven't looked at my blog in a while...which is a lot of the time lately. Perhaps I'll investigate this bloglovin lark. I've always been put off by a) the name and b) the angular pencil sketch lady, or have they done away with that horrible logo now? This is turning into a rather long and wittering comment. I'd better stop.

    Loving the Assemble series though, very nice.

    1. what d'you mean flora, that name is genius! who doesn't love dropping a 'g'? it's fun and quirky innit! ;-) i think angular pencil sketch lady is still hanging around somewhere but not their main logo. not quite sure what she was meant to represent - blogs or lovin?

      i think if you don't make a note of the blogs you follow or move them to another place, that list in your sidebar might go...i think. i may be wrong! x


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