Monday, June 17, 2013

Inside and outside at The Mill

I think even at the age of 15 we appreciated how amazing this place was. We saw it with different eyes of course, we had parties and went to the pub and and stayed up all night.*
You notice different things at this age, especially as an artist, and enjoy the experience through your children's eyes. I don't suppose Isi and Gus have noticed all the beautiful wallpaper, or the way the light comes through the curtains in the morning. But they will :-)

More here.

*I did manage to stay up till half twelve both nights. That's pretty amazing for me! x


  1. As I said on Instagram, I love these pictures from the mill. It's great that you can experience it from the point of view of child, young adult and parent. What an incredible place. And well done for staying up till half twelve, I couldn't do it anymore! x

  2. Gorgeous pictures. It looks like an amazing place to stay and half twelve is impressive - I haven't seen much past ten for years! x

  3. What a beautiful looking place. Those wallpapers!

  4. This place looks all kinds of amazing.

  5. Looks like the perfect holiday :) Kx


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