Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last days of summer

Time to get back to it. Sit down at the desk. Concentrate. Check teux deux and actually 'deux', not just watch my daily list shuffle along from Tues to Wed to Thurs.
There is a lot of excitement and joy about the kids going back to school, they are so ready. And Gus starts school too which is momentous. But there's also a bit of gloom floating around. Our summer has been wonderful. (And hard too, don't get me wrong. The boys fight a lot at the moment so I'm not pretending it's all been joy joy joy. There has been some shouting!) We've been spoilt with holidays and weather. Getting out of the house has been our saviour, and I'm now looking back on summer as one long hazy golden blur!

We went to Wales with friends for the long weekend, a final fling. Big skies and big laughs.

Now I'm thinking about the mailchimp I need to get out, and the orders I need to post, and the shoes I need to buy the boys...hello autumn.


  1. Such lovely photos - it looks bliss x

  2. Wales looks amazing, I am counting the days till school starts love my two dearly but need to get stuff done too.

  3. gorgeous photos, the colour of the sea is amazing! x

  4. Beautiful pics, good luck to Gus.


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