Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A birthday ramble about eating too much

I went to Paris for the weekend with my lovely ladies, friends I have known for approximately 27 years, can you imagine! We ate our weight in frites and jzujzed around town, window shopping and laughing quite a lot. It was a scream.
My birthday celebrations have pretty much revolved around eating and drinking; posh tea at The Wolseley with college friends, dinner with the boys, dinner with my school mum friends, lunch with Ben, then Paris. I am so grateful for all the love and lunch I have in my life ;-)

Can I show you all the lovely things I got for my birthday? And can I also extol the virtues of a Pinterest Wish List and how it made me very happy. And then I will stop going on about it.

Just remember to add the phrase GOT IT, THANKS! to the things you have been lucky enough to have been given (or bought yourself after getting tired of waiting!). Apparently there were lots of confused emails going back and forth between my friends and family. It's a wonder I had no doubles! I'm a lucky and very grateful lady. 

So I'm 40. I won't lie, it feels odd, and incongruous. But at least I've stopping crying now ;-)

1. Paris versus New York print by Vahram Muratyan
2. Marimekko Kompotti plate
3. No Soup for You Seinfeld pendant possibly by Dapper Chick on etsy
4. Bonjour Mademoiselle by Blanca Gomez
5. Let's Go on an Adventure by Lisa Stubbs
6. Helvetica Tote by A Favourite Design
7. Marimekko Kompotti chopping board
8. Leather Pocket Jumper by Cos 
9. Henri's Walk to Paris by Saul Bass
10. V&A Pattern - Heals from the V&A shop


  1. Cor some lush things there, you lucky duck! Happy 40 sweet friend. I remember you asking me on a train platform in Bath what it was like. Same same but different! xxx

  2. Ha I like your "grateful for love and lunch" line :)

    I'd take all those things in a heartbeat. No soup for you especially apt today, as I've had TWO bowls (it was that good), so I'd feel really rebellious.

    1. Soup weather is upon us Flo. From now until April, that is lunch :-)

  3. It's a bit weird isn't it? On some level I feel exactly the same, on another, hugely different! Love your presents, especially that Lisa Stubbs print, it's beautiful. x

  4. Happy birthday Fran!!! What a fabulous lot of celebrations you've had :) Gorgeous pressies too - I had no idea there was a Pinterest wish list... must get to that ;) Glad you had such a great birthday. Kx

    p.s. we're in paris next week for the trade fair - any recommendations?

    1. thanks kylie! you just make your own wish list board, and direct people's attention to it!

      we had a great dinner here http://www.lapharmacie.net/. beautiful food, not overpriced, lovely staff and amazing puddings! albion is also meant to be good and along the same lines but we didn't eat there: http://restaurantalbion.com/

      and we had a fantastic brunch here http://www.cafecharlotparis.com/en/

      this is a great website for info: http://hipparis.com/category/hip-eats/

      have fun! xxx

  5. Oh la la such bounty. I love it. Well done lady ;) x


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