Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nearly 40 / Bonjour Mademoiselle! / Museum of Childhood

This may be the last time I am ever called Mademoiselle for I am off to Paris for the weekend to celebrate my 40th birthday with my girlfriends. A few of my blogfriends have turned 40 this year (you know who you are), so I am in good company :-) It's kind of momentous, and kind of nothing. I'm trying not to think about it, while celebrating my arse off. I'll be back next week with some rainy photos. x

Blanca Gomez

p.s. If you are in London this weekend with kids there are some great things on at the Museum of Childhood including a monster making workshop with Donna Wilson and Playshapes with Miller Goodman. Wish I could go myself!


  1. happy lovely sister and enjoy pareeeee xx

    1. thank you for providing most of the content for that blogpost! x

  2. Have a brilliant brilliant time! Well of course you will, you're going to be in PARIS. With your best muckas. So much FUN!

    I really enjoyed turning 40, it felt like I was allowed to be selfish and do exactly what I pleased for a few weeks, and it was great.

    The museum of childhood thing sounds so up my street it's ridiculous. Alas we won't be in London this weekend.

  3. Oh have a wonderful birthday celebration in Paris fellow 1973 babe! Party your arse off for me too as I have a crappy flu bug and am not quite in the party spirit this week - boo! x

  4. Happy birthday lovely lady. Hope you have an incredible time. Love m x


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