Monday, September 09, 2013

New in: It's the Beat Band!

I've wanted to do a kids' band for a while. I love kids' bands. They didn't turn out quite looking like kids though. Maybe early teens! They're called It's the Beat Band. They're a jazz beat combo, with a bit of bossanova thrown in, and that freckled kid can go wild on the bongos!

If I could've been around in any different era, it would have been Beat Generation New York or San Francisco. I'm a little bit obsessed. Here is Kerouac reading his San Francisco Scene poem. A wonderful train of thought of one night in a San Francisco bar. You can hear him turning the pages, they sound a bit scrumpled up, like he's turned them over many times before. When I was making It's the Beat Band, I couldn't help but thinking of this, and the 12 year old drummer he describes.

It's the Beat Band is in the etsy shop right now :-)

p.s. whenever Ben and I hear jazz that is a little bit too experimental, we call it 'a bit Jackson Jeffrey Jackson'.


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