Friday, September 20, 2013

Put your shoes on! (repeat and fade)

This is my life at the moment. Waiting patiently (not) for my children to get their shoes on. I'm sure it's a familiar scene for some of you too. I find patience one of the hardest virtues. I'm better at kindness, or moderation.
This lovely image is from the book Syskondagen by Siri Ahmed Backstrom. Have a look at her website, it's lovely. 

Siri Ahmed Backstrom from her book Syskondagen (Sibling's Day)

Have a great weekend. x


  1. yes, not mine either. Boys come on put your shoes on x800 then finally IF YOU DON'T... blah blah threat! It's rubbish... thank god for weekends. Where they can run around naked for all I care! xx

  2. Yes same your breakfast, get dressed, put your shoes on...god it's tedious on school days. I agree with Lou, weekends in PJs all day, yay! xx

  3. You probably don't want to hear this, but I'm still watching my 14 year old put his shoes on. I'll give a few shout outs that we're leaving soon, my son will assure me he's only put the telly on because he's waiting for everyone else to get ready. Then when I shout out 'ok let's go', he tells me he still has to put his shoes on.
    Drives ..... me ....... crazy :#

  4. Gorgeous image :) I'm past the shoe stage and (with my teenage girls) on to the 'you're not going out in that!' mantra ;) Does it ever end...? Kx

  5. So true, and I love the picture. Here I alternate with "Where is your hat?"


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