Friday, September 27, 2013

The "look, no kids!" list

The other day I was under a cloud. A big black cloud. I didn't have anything to do. That is, I had things I could work on but nothing was really working out and I was feeling sorry for myself for various reasons. I'd been so jolly about Gus starting school, so nonchalant, so happy to have time to myself that it was only when I had nothing to do with that time that it actually hit me, and I started to feel a little bit redundant. So yesterday I decided to turn that frown :-( upside-down :-) get out bright and early and cross one of the things off my list.

On my way to the tube I saw this:

 and then I saw all this:

I love The Geffrye, so unassuming and modest. The 60s room setting probably shaped my love for Mid-Century furniture many moons ago. They have some great events coming up including a Mid-Century Dinner Party!

Then I took my little feet to the Present & Correct shop. It was quite lovely and just what I needed. I picked up everything, so nice to touch things I've been ogling online for a long time!

I'll keep you posted on the list!


  1. I'll do some of the things on your list with you.... let's do lunch soon.
    That first sign you saw.... wow.... don't you think?

    1. yes it was very wow xanna, i did a double take! it called my name :-)


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