Wednesday, October 09, 2013

On the October

What with Ben being a bit of an obsessive swimmer, he is always looking for opportunities to go to the beach. So checking the weather forecast on Friday, and seeing it was going to be sunny and a sweltering 17 degrees ;-) we headed off to Frinton.  

Frinton is the best beach closest to London I think, and only takes about an hour and forty mins by car. It's packed in the summer, but early October it's lovely and empty, even on a beautiful day like this. I do love an Indian summer.

Ok, I confess, I was still in my massive scarf, but that's because there's 'something wrong' with me according to my husband. I sometimes wonder if we are actually the same species!


  1. I love frinton, my grandparents used to have a beach hut there when I was little. I follow Ben on Instagram and see his pics of the ponds on chilly mornings, I commend his cold swimming, but I would say if anyone's got something wrong with them....

  2. I totally understand the need of a scarf in temperatures below 20! I wish I was stronger with the cold, the sea is always at its best in the autumn when you can have it all to yourself if only you dare the cold water!


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