Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Perfectly petit packaging & a new print

Hello! I'm alive and well and living in Printsville, North London. I had forgotten quite how much work there is to do for a craft fair, a conveyor belt of printing and packing, plus a wholesale order (more printing) and print commissions, so I have been out of cyber-action for the past couple of weeks.

I've also got a couple of new things I've been working on like this wrapping paper for Renegade. Ideally it would be A2 but I don't have an A2 printer and getting it printed for me is so expensive, so for now I'm printing it myself on A3, perfect for small packages like books. I've made a small run - sets of 4 sheets (1 of each design: Folksy, Mittens, Parcels and Scissors) plus matching tags. After Renegade, I will probably pop them in the shop too.

There's also a new print called Sunny Again Tomorrow.
I wanted to make London-inspired print and I noticed in a lot of London prints there was often someone holding an umbrella. It does rain a lot in London but when it's sunny, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else - long summer days and bright crisp winter mornings - so I started with that thought.

I also wanted to do something architectural, there's the obvious skyline but I wanted to look more at everyday housing; the different kinds of buildings from Georgian townhouses, to Victorian semis, to big Brutalist council buildings that all say London to me. During my research I started to notice all the windows, so I finally started working on a London windowsill at dusk, with Victorian railings and my little homage to the London skyline on the window frame, where I display my Muji London in a bag.

You can find it in the shop here and on etsy and folksy.


  1. The London print is wonderful - I love the secret London skyline that might not be seen at first. It reminds me of some of my favourite children's books with secret details that are only spotted after the first 100 reads...

    Good luck at Renegade, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time x

  2. I love it Fran!! Wonderful designs in the wrapping paper and the card is just fantastic :) Kx

  3. I love this print! Ordered before I'd even finished my breakfast this morning.

    1. Ahh I thought that might be you! Thank you :-)


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