Friday, November 15, 2013

70s games inspiration: Mastermind

As the boys get older, I'm loving introducing games to them. Lots of modern ones like Spot It (aka Dobble), but our old favourites are also coming out of the games cupboard. Now 8, Isi is able to get his head around Mastermind, the classic. Remember the box?*

My sister and I always recount a story from when we were little. It was my turn and Polly's turn to guess, and just before we started playing my dad went to get the hand mirror from the bathroom. He put it just next to my shoulder and Polly carried on playing. For some reason, I didn't twig what he was doing, and was bemused by their giggling. Polly could now see my pegs perfectly, and I was very surprised when she got my line-up in one guess! Typical of my cheeky father :-)

Those pegs immediately inspired me when we got it out the other day and I've been waiting for a moment to play. Here's the wip.

This made me chuckle. Sometimes it can be this stressful ;-)

Life is a Mastermind Game by Bob London.

Have a lovely weekend! We've got Isi's 8th birthday party. (When he was 4.) I'm still only making chocolate crispies for the class - easier than actually baking :-)


  1. I loved playing mastermind when I was a kid, and those little pegs were amazing to me like little coloured mushrooms!

  2. ha! just bought it for the girls for christmas. not as nice as the old version though..... x

  3. How fabulous! Yes, we had this game too - same packaging and all :) Loving the new poster wip. Happy birthday wishes to Isi too! Kx


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