Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beards, Unicorn badges, and people watching: Renegade 2013

Renegade was a complete hoot! I'm so glad I did it. I saw a woman dressed as Sally Bowles. I saw an 'I like Unicorns' badge. I saw a crocodile onesie. It had the most beards and groovy big glasses this side of Williamsburg and a fabulous array of jaunty hats. 

Luckily I was plonked in between two of the sweetest, funniest people I'd met in a while - Laura and Kathryn, (not forgetting her lovely 'fiance' Andrew) who turned the pretty boring job of sitting on a chair, smiling at people for 7 hours into a fun weekend. Also there was Jen from Loglike and of course Camilla of Butterscotch & Beesting and Folksy, who was doing a grand job of signing people up. Camilla is one of those people you meet online and hope they will be just as lovely in real life. And she really is gorgeous. By the end of the 2 days my little crew had covered pretty much the whole gamut of life; from babies, to business to pig-farming. Kathryn said it was like Big Brother, and it was! A load of people who don't know each other, trapped inside a huge draughty building, with not much to eat and nothing to do but talk about their feelings! No fights thankfully.

But not only that, then Alexis from Something I Made popped over to say hi, as did Clare Nicolson and a couple of de-lurking blog followers (Hello!). 
I realised how much I love to get out and meet people, especially blogfriends, it's a really special relationship. You just seem to get each other.

Can you see me?
My favourite type of house, Wilkes Street.
My view most of the weekend - the back of my stand.
The front of my stand...obvs.
Laura's beautiful custard cream brooches were so nice, I didn't mind them luring people away from my stand! She's going to make more biscuits so keep your eyes peeled on her shop, they are very affordable and great Christmas gifts.
Kathryn's lovely stand with her great packaging and iphone covers.
Ketchup on Everything, one of my faves.
A new discovery Faye Moorhouse. Gorgeous pen & ink and watercolour illustrations.
Lucie Ellen, lovely wooden bangles and brooches.
The apples and pears at Loglike which sold like hotcakes!

It was a lot of work, but worth it. So thanks for asking Camilla! x


  1. I couldn't make Renegade this year, so thank you for sharing your photos. I hope it was a success for you.

    1. thanks claire, it was good :-) such amazing stalls!

  2. Looks like fun - glad you had a happy position :) Kx


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