Friday, November 08, 2013

East London Love

Recently I've been working on a Things I Like print for East End Prints, featuring all the things I love about East London, including the Brick Lane Beigel Bakery and Columbia Road Flower Market. So I thought since Renegade was coming up and will be based in Brick Lane, it would be nice to make 2 individual prints and to launch them there. So here they are.

Since I've been more involved with Folksy via Renegade and banner design, and the front page is being so curated beautifully, I've noticed such gorgeous shops. Talking of Columbia Road, how lovely is this hand printed cushion by Sarah Papworth at Beetroot Press. Love the vintage picture book style.

Have a lovely weekend. I hope to be instagramming from Renegade and not spending all my takings! x


  1. Well, I need one of each of these. Your flower market print is so sweet, and that cushion!

    1. thanks lisa-marie! yes that cushion is beautiful, there's a canvas print too in her shop :-)

  2. Thanks Francesca for adding the Beetroot Press cushion, there's also a napkin with same design on too. I LOVE your prints, and those salt beef bagels rock! I miss them, and East London generally :)

  3. The prints are wonderful! Did they sell well? I've missed so many posts here (sorry) - glad to be catching up now :) Kx


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