Tuesday, November 19, 2013

For the love of Plywood: Love your Plane / Drill Design

Love your Plane? Love your Plane? Yes. Love your Plane. It's a new shop in Oxford and it's now stocking a few of my cards. 

Look at that floor! Amy's partner Josh designed it and it took five days to lay. Isn't it gorgeous? The 'plane' by the way is of the workshop variety, as opposed to the flying type, and is a nod to traditional wood working. I love the plywood walls too.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^big mountains little mountains^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I have had a real love for plywood since I started using it to make my little wooden books. It's something to do with the stripy layers.
The images below are from Drill Design, a Japanese design company. This is their Paper Wood project where they layer strips of coloured paper in between the Japanese birch to create their own plywood, and make all manner of beautiful objects.
I love how the little cars at the bottom are just cut from one piece of shaped ply.

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  1. Fabulous! We're BIG ply fans here too :) The Mr creates all kinds of ply goodies in his man cave / shed out back. Perhaps I should do a post on them ;) Congratulations on the new stockist Fran. Kx


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