Friday, November 22, 2013

Subconscious designing / Etsy holiday guides

I sometimes have these weird flashes of inspiration when I'm half asleep. I'd be interested to know if anyone else gets it. The other night Gus woke me up about 1.30 coming into our bed and as I turned back over and closed my eyes I saw a Christmas card; a pinky-red, roughly coloured-in background, a cut out white tree, and offset baubles. I thought "That's a nice card" and in the morning I remembered every detail. So here it is, exactly as I pictured it and it's in the shop :-)

The same thing happened with my Pencil Heart card a couple of years ago. It just flashed into my brain apropos of nothing. A fully formed design.

************starry starry nights***********

Have you seen Etsy Pages? They are etsy collections curated by top bloggers and 'tastemakers'.
My cards are featured in the Wee Birdy Christmas card guide. Thanks Wee Birdy! She has some great picks for Christmas so it's worth having a trawl if you get stuck for pressies this year. 

I've watched this over and over, I love everything about it. Little Goodall making one of her beautiful coats...backwards. I especially love it because it includes the gift being opened and loved by the recipient. And that's what makes us do it - making people happy via a little package through the door :-)

Have a lovely weekend. x


  1. Love that card, what a brilliant midnight dream.

  2. That's so nice - I love that it's backwards. Seems all the rage to make a process video these of these days I will...

    And yes, those fully formed flashes are great aren't they. Although of course the old noggin has been processing it in the background like a dodgy 1990s Dell computer for days without you realising it :)

    1. how dare you call my noggin a dodgy old dell! it's at least a first edition blue imac ;-)


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