Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Top Drawer reflection

Man, I want to lie in bed for three days and eat chocolate buttons. 

Top Drawer was full on, mostly in a good way but my feet! Never ached so much. We all spent much of the day doing lunges, stretches and all manner of Yoga moves. Why was I the only one who hired a chair? It was my very first thought.
You have to be switched on all the time, always alert and ready to chat, which I don't have to do very often so it's tiring. But I laughed a lot, mainly due to serendipitously being put next to Justine Ellis who is hilarious. The camaraderie was fab, all watching each others stands, swapping notes and getting excited when someone got an order. We all felt a mixture of sadness and relief when it was over.

Today I emailed my invoices out via my bed like some kind of posh invalid. Now I have a lot of stock to order, a lot of printing to do and a good few people to contact.

I'm doing a more detailed review for Folksy soon so I'll facebook / tweet when it's up.
Looking forward to catching up with all of you soon :-)


  1. So glad it went well and that you had a good time.

  2. Ha ha, I like the invoicing from bed idea, excellent work. Hope many good things come your way as a result x

  3. What a gorgeous stand, really eye-catching! x


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