Sunday, February 02, 2014

Bloggy meet-up - London

If you organised a blog meet-up in London with some of your favourite bloggy / instagram friends, and had been planning it for a couple of months, you'd expect to take some pictures right?
You'd have some lovely ones of individuals smiling at the camera, two or three of them scouring the shelves of Darkroom, a couple of group shots, right? 
This is my one shot from Saturday.

What the heckins was I thinking? I even packed my SLR!

Luckily Eloise got the waiter to take a snap on her phone. Here it is.

Clockwise from left, that's Camilla, Lou, Me, Xanthe, Rachel, Flora, Eloise and Jen after our fab long lunch. Though it wasn't long enough.

Here's to next time :-)


  1. Do you know though, I'm glad we didn't all take our cameras out. Because it felt real, and because we were all too busy having lovely chats x

    1. too true. no-one frantically trying to document every moment. would've been different if we'd all been snapping away. x

  2. Gorgeous :) My 13 year old told me the other day that she doesn't like Instagram anymore because you spend so much time trying to take the perfect photo instead of enjoying where you are and what you're doing... haha. So that was me told! But also, a different way for me to say now... you obviously enjoyed where you were and what you were doing ;) Kx

  3. Thanks for letting me gate crash the party... I didn't take one photo either! x.


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