Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lilla Rogers Bootcamp: Assignment 1

The last couple of weeks have been busy, especially since I've been back at school at the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp.
The first assignment was to create a Cuckoo Clock-themed iphone cover. So the first week we did a mini assignment, researching, collecting and drawing motifs you might find on a Cuckoo Clock and then we had two weeks for the main assignment. Took me a little while to get going, I loved the theme but I'm not very used to taking direction, especially on colour palette (purple!), so it was a challenge to stay within the theme and not stray off.
My first design was a kind of Bavarian Folk design which I liked, but once that was done, I loosened up a bit and tried using all the icons I'd created to make a pattern. 
I like this one a lot better so I've uploaded it to my Society 6 shop where you can buy it not only as an iphone cover, but among other things, a print, cushion, mug, card, tote bag and indeed, a clock :-)

What's great about this course is that I hadn't made a pattern for a while, I'd been busy with other things and not inspired to make any. But when you're given a brief, you spring into action! I love researching, and I love a project, so it's been great so far. Now I have a new pattern in the shop and in my portfolio :-)

I'm also discovering lovely new artists, two notables are Tara Lilly (how gorgeous is this tote bag she made for the Global Talent Search and how did it not win?!) and Monika Forsberg whose loose, painterly style I am envious of. So much confidence there. 

This course makes you strive to be better. Which can only be a good thing.


  1. Wonderful pattern, especially on all the lovely products. I love seeing how everyone interprets the theme in such different but beautiful ways, your folk art-based design is lovely. I'm still trying to decide on colours!
    (fellow MATS bootcamp classmate)

  2. LOVE the cushion! x

  3. Ive been a fan of Monika Forsberg for a while too. Beautiful laid back way to go. I'm like a tightly coiled spring next to that. How exciting Fran, new briefs and research. My favourite thing about art college. I liked both of your designs, I love your signiature transparency in the details on the first one. My nan had a cuckoo clock and a grandfather clock...I think it may have affected everything. All that chiming and ticking and boinging. It was never quiet. Not even at night.

  4. Looks great! I've been thinking about joining in.. I'm just wondering, do you get feedback from anyone, not other people taking the course but instructors etc?

    1. Hi Amy! No, with this course its mainly to get you motivated and working on professional briefs. There are good tips and industry info but it's not critiqued by anyone. You upload to a public gallery which goes live on Sunday and that's it, onto the next project. If you want more instruction/critique I think the Make Art that Sells course is more involved. x

    2. Thanks! Still thinking about it. The full course is just a bit too pricey for me!

  5. How fabulous! Great work Fran and what a wonderful way to get motivated too :) Looking forward to seeing your future projects. Kx

  6. These are super – I love how happy they are. Yay for the course - sounds like it's fab.


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