Monday, February 10, 2014

New in: Palm Springs and Paris

New notecards in the shop: Palm Springs Circa 1969 and Paris Circa 1959. Available as sets of 6 notecards or as individual cards.

I had a lot of fun with these sets, when I started on the lamps last weekend I had a vision of Bitossi vases and West German Ceramics and it started to feel a bit 'Palm Springs Hotel'. Then it was all getting a bit too busy so I decided to split my ideas over a set of cards. My swimming pool pattern seemed to work well as a motif for the era. And the facade to the old Givenchy Resort and Spa (now the amazing Jonathan Adler / Parker Palm Springs) became an abstract design. By the end I was channelling late Elvis and Pucci kaftans and listing to way too much Bossa nova. Do you use music to inspire design?

Recently I've been making mood boards when I design, especially if there is a theme, and I collect loads of images, colours and fonts and chuck them into Evernote to use as reference. Here are some of the images I collected to inspire me.
After I had completed that set I wanted to work on more, and seeing as the French New Wave is one of my favourite subjects, I decided on a kind of Paris '59 / San Tropez / Beat Generation set. I looked at lots of lovely pictures, got very sidetracked, and listened to jazz!

I also chose a few to make into prints. Here are two of my favourites, Wave and 1959.

Now I have the week to get stuck into the Lilla Rogers' assignment which I kind of put on the back burner last week. It's been nice to see some friendly faces in the facebook group like Alisa, Nancy and Tracey.

See you soon. x


  1. Love your new cards, Francesca.
    and looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Bootcamp.
    Thanks for the mention. x

  2. haha sorry... it just seemed like a Paris circa 1959 kind of thing to say ;) x

  3. Love these (especially Paris) and really enjoyed seeing your work process.
    Now I must dash and put a bow in my beehive! Inspired by your moodboard :) x

  4. love them. the poolside gossip pic is on my twitter background. i'm obsessed with that palm springs look! x

  5. Palm Springs, love it! You've caught the feeling and mood, and I love your colours. I've wanted a Palm Springs house since I saw The Satan Bug in the 70s. Didn't know it was PS at the time (I was only 8 so that would have been a bit strange) but I remember watching it and thinking 'I want that house' (which is still a bit strange tbh). Thanks for the mention and I'm looking forward to seeing your interpretation of cuckoo clocks.

    1. Nancy I was exactly the same with houses when I was a kid. An early love of mid-century sunken living rooms! We had good taste when we were 8 :-)

  6. Wow Francesca these are lush!! I looove the umbrellas and your colour choices. You were in the zone! Alisa xx

    ps. Thanks so much for the link. I currently have the paddles out and am busy trying to resurrect my neglected blog, so much appreciated. Hope your enjoying Bootcamp, I had work come up so I've missed the first two assignments. Sadly sometimes you can't plan for these things.


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