Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lilla Rogers Bootcamp: Assignment 2 - Jelly

This month, our Bootcamp brief was Jelly. Drawing lots of jelly, things associated with jelly, then using these motifs to design bolt fabric.
It started off fun, then got tough. The thing is I really have an aversion to novelty food fabric, so all I could envisage was this kind of thing. As I was drawing and making I could see some nice things happening, but they were more the abstract shapes coming from disassembling my drawings of jelly and pineapple rings, than the actual jelly design itself. But I knew I had to stick to the brief, so the jelly had to stay in. After much faffing I'm pleased with the result. I added some ice cream, iced gems and fruit and some of my more abstract shapes and it ended up working.

When that was done I got to work on what I really wanted to do and that was make a pattern out of the disassembled abstract shapes. I tossed out the jelly, the iced gems became more like jelly fish and and the pineapple rings became sea anemones.
I much prefer this pattern. My little tagline 'Breaking down the detail into shape and colour and pattern' is so true. I'm not so good at literal.

So then I noticed how the pineapple rings and the upside-down iced gems could be flowers too, so I played some more and worked on a print with my very favourite shapes, and that became Seaflower.

Seaflower and Seaflower Mono are now in Society 6 as various homewares and household items!
This course is rocking my world! I highly recommend it :-)


  1. I love seeing how this unfolded, and when I saw the mono version at the end, well that is just the icing on the cake (or jelly).

  2. Thank goodness it wasn't just me! I've just been writing about how tough I've found this assignment, which I wasn't expecting at all. Really enjoying the course though!

  3. Stunning Francesca!! I looove Seaflower! You are rocking it! Ax

  4. The society 6 stuff looks great, i really must set up my shop there one day! x

  5. Love seeing your process. It's a beautiful print. xxx


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