Monday, March 10, 2014

Uppercase mag and kittens drinking tea

Hello lovelies, feels like ages since I've been here properly, this blog keeps evolving depending on where I am in my life / working life. At the moment I am just posting when there is news of sorts, but I do miss the babble. Luckily you lot still do a lot of babbling so I'm able to keep in the loop.

I loved Lou's post on coping with dyslexia. If you have a child with learning difficulties hop over there for a positive read. All the comments were so positive too, it's given me hope dealing with issues in our family.

Things are pretty quiet on the shop front at the mo which has given me lots of time for Bootcamp and playing with kittens. (If I don't play with them, they come onto the desk and drink my tea.)

On the actual news front, I'm very excited to be included in the Uppercase Surface Pattern Design Guide coming out soon. It will have some great tips and advice from some leading lights of the surface pattern design world including Lilla Rogers, Cloud 9 Fabrics and Lotta Jansdotter. This little film also has some great tips from Janine Vangool herself, perfect timing for the Bootcamp course I'm taking, which this month concentrates on bolt fabric design.

If you'd like to subscribe to Uppercase you can use this discount code USPDG2014 for $15 off here.


  1. The kitten looks lovely, enjoy and congratulations on the uppercase entry!
    Yes Lou's post was great very similar to the situation we had with our son in primary school.
    Looking forward to seeing your Jelly fabric design! X

  2. Brilliant news that you are in Uppercase! I haven't had much time for babbling either and am working ten days straight from now. So am catching up gradually and commenting eratically. Love that wee guy drinking from your cup, when Maisie was a kitten she wanted to try everything. She especially liked a curry! X

  3. As much as I was very excited to read the words "Uppercase Mag" in your title there, I have to confess to scrolling down until I hit KITTEN GOLD.

    But seriously, congratulations Fran, that is excellent news.

    Actually I nearly subscribed to Uppercase the other day after years of thinking it was waaaay to expensive for the OS subscription, only to find that 120 CAD is actually not that scary when you convert to £££s.


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