Thursday, April 03, 2014

Habitat & Papyrus make a magic week :-)

Two exciting things happened this week. Firstly I've got a print in Habitat, which is pretty wowy! Habitat is one of those shops I have loved since childhood. It reminds me of my mum in the best possible way - we always had Habitat things in the house - so it's super to be there (despite my name being spelt in 2 different ways, ho hum).

Secondly a lovely set of cards arrived from Papyrus in the US. Last year I licensed Abacus and a new colourway of Nine Blocks to be used as boxed thank you cards and they are just lovely. They're a bit smaller than A6 (the size I usually work to) so they're really dinky and they have a lovely texture to them. Wouldn't it be nice if every week was like this :-)


  1. AMAZING NEWS! These look really good as cards. Do you get a heap of freebies when you sell to a company? I'm interested in the process. Do you see samples before they go to press or do you just hand over your image and hold your breath? Can you blog about it? That's a request, not an order! Well done though, really pleased for you...{*}

  2. thanks louise! they emailed me about a year ago and said they wanted to license abacus and nine blocks. they asked me to alter the colours of nine blocks so it matched abacus a bit more and that was fine. i didn't see samples, just assumed they would do a good job. i looked at their other cards and they all looked well produced, they also added the text themselves. i received a few boxes of them a few days ago which was a nice surprise as i was wondering what was happening with them! x

  3. Cripes, I missed this somehow! Well, the Habitat bit anyway - congratulations! How very jolly fab xx

  4. How exciting Francesca!! Big Congrats!!!!! ps Apparently its the perfect occasion for crazy pressing of the exclamation key. x


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