Monday, April 21, 2014

Pick Me Up Festival at Somerset House

Graphic Arts Festival Pick Me Up starts at Somerset House this Thursday till 5th May. 

There's so much going on; check out the events page for a day of drawing with Daisy de Villeneuve, stop motion animation with Andy Martin and an interactive family workshop with Chris Haughton.

Or there's the Show & Tell when selected graphic artists and illustrators talk about what inspires them and show their sketchbooks.

If you can't get there, there's social media stuff to get involved with too like the #CatSelfie v #DogSelfie competition where everyone will be tweeting their pet selfies! Here's the calendar of events. x

p.s lots of new stuff to share in the next week or so. Been squeezing in the odd hour here and there over the Easter holidays. My am I glad they're back at school tomorrow ;-)


  1. I'd love to go. Maybe I'll bunk off for a day and whizz up to London. I'm so with you on the back to school thing. We've had a lovely time, and they've been great, but it will be nice to have the house tidy for 5 minutes and no one demanding something-or-other. Yes. That will be wonderful.

  2. Sounds lkike a great event, off to check out the site now.
    My sons are back tomorrow!! and step daughter who is grown up but we need to go check out a collage on Wednesday. Can't wait now need some time to get on with things!


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