Monday, April 07, 2014

Wandering London & Artist Textiles at FTM

I've been having some lovely jaunts recently. Before Ben started his recent project we had some amazing long walks from one part of London to another, discovering hidden corners and just enjoying the wandering. This artists' quarter in Harringay...

...this house in Hampstead.

We discovered this old family grocer in Marylebone and these 17th Century walled gardens Hampstead.

Then last Friday my sister and I popped to East London to see the Artist Textiles exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum.
It's such a great space inside and out, dark though (probably to protect the textiles), so I managed to get a few pics but not great quality. There are works by artists I never knew designed for textiles, like Chagall for example, who knew?! Our favourite area was upstairs with the Warhol and John Rombola (who I hadn't heard of before) but we both adored his Circus print below. 
Then we mooched to Borough Market for an Eastern Mediterranean extravaganza here. Highly recommended :-)

Raoul Dufy
Alastair Morton
John Rombola


  1. Keep hearing great things about this place, really must try and go, the building itself even looks amazing. Love that John Rombola one! x

  2. You have inspired me Fran to go for a wander around my own city. It's something I just don't do. X

    1. Yes do! You are bound to make some discoveries :-)


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