Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Here is some evidence I still exist

I'm not gonna be one of those bloggers that blogs every 6 months and apologises for it, who cares! It's liberating :-)
Like my pal Flora instagram has taken over from here a little (a lot). I don't have the attention span for blogs anymore so I don't begrudge you not visiting or commenting either, but I still feel the need to update every now again and it's been a long old time.

What have I been up to?

Watching a lot of Wimbledon in the corner of my screen.
Watching a lot of Glastonbury in the corner of my screen.
Hoping I still rock like Debbie Harry when I'm her age.
Continuing on my Lilla Rogers Bootcamp course.
Preparing for Top Drawer again in September.
Making squillions of new things for the shop.
Re-designing my logo and general brand.
Jzujzing around Nice.
Making new labels for all of my card sets.
Performing my class rep duties.
Working (wrestling) in year 3 art every Monday.
Making loom bands.
Eating a lot of fruit.
Pretending to laugh at the most ridiculous knock knock jokes.
Doing a course at the Fashion & Textiles Museum (not in fashion or textiles).
Looking at beaches on googlemaps.
Stroking the cats.
Taking pictures of the cats (a lot).
Playing cards at The Mill.
Enduring a lot of World Cup talk.
Gossipping after school.
Reliving my love of Matisse.
Wearing dresses at last.
Trying to be in the hammock on my own for more than 5 minutes.

Here is some evidence that I'm still here:

You can join me on facebook and instagram if you like :-)


  1. Good to see you are around! Sounds far to hectic....enjoy the sunshine and the hammock. Love those fingers puppets too x

  2. I think Instagram has taken over all our lives! But I love how it shows our own little corners and stories without the need of words. What's your course? X

  3. Love this post. I feel like you, much rather be on IG than on my blog or any others at the moment. It's more fun. Miss you though must arrange a September play date xxx

  4. Ah, I still like a good old nosy at blogs every now and then, just can't be arsed to write my own :)

    Love your new logo/branding/header - v. swish. I have lost all creative urges. I don't know if it's the summer or the running or the kids or just needing a break, but all I want to do is be outside at the moment. Hoping Autumn will prove more fruitful, and so it ought to.

  5. i looked at your blog! don't look at mine there is nothing on it!

  6. Glad to see you're still here :-) And will find you on insta in a minute. Yeah, I have also stopped apologizing ;-) - and then found myself blogging again. The blog still have a creative advantage I find - larger photos and a bit more inspiration. Hope you enjoy Summer!


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