Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Holidays at home

Gus hasn't quite got the concept of holidays. He understands the ones when we get on a plane and go somewhere but he doesn't quite get how we can be on holiday at home. Why are we at home but not at school?
I was a bit anxious about these hols as usual, there has been a lot of sibling fighting but generally the boys have been amazing. I think the big one has suddenly realised the little one is a lot of fun, and in the absence of school friends, he'll do. So they have been playing imaginary spy games most days and getting a real kick out of each other (occasionally an actual kick but we won't dwell on that).
We have been away to Menorca for a week, and it was our best holiday for a while, but mostly I have loved our holiday at home.
We decided to make more of the deck at the back of the garden. The boys have a playhouse there but it's a lovely shady spot and when the suntrap of the front of the garden gets too hot for me, it's a lovely retreat, so we decided to make a little outdoor living room there. We strung the hammock, got new slings for the deckchairs, bought a little table and a basket for transporting all their gubbins, and there we have been hanging out, eating, playing cards and drawing every day. I don't want summer to ever end.

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