Monday, January 19, 2015

New book / New work / New stockists

New Book

A long time ago Marie Perkins aka Bowie Style emailed me to ask if I would be part of her new Print & Pattern book Geometric. Uhh...yes! It landed a couple of weeks ago and is a gorgeous chunky book full of colour and pattern. I'm chuffed to be one of the artists featured.


 New Work

I'm back at the Lilla Rogers' Bootcamp which has been a brilliant start to the year. I don't normally need help getting ideas, I can be pretty prolific work-wise, but during the countdown to Christmas I slowed down a lot and got a little bit lazy! So it's great to get a kickstart with a project that was really out of my comfort zone, but that I managed to turn around and make into something that looked like me.

The theme was Edwardian jewellery and the product a journal. Once I got into the swing of it I couldn't stop. I'm still going now in fact, but will probably enter no.3 into the online gallery.

New stockists

I picked up lots of new stockists when I did Top Drawer including Tate Modern, Illustrated Living, and Chirpy. You can check out all my current stockists over on my website here.

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